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July 11, 2020, 02:53:21 am


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time involved in dinghy chaps

Started by forsailbyowner, February 01, 2017, 11:31:27 pm

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I've been using the tsm manual from the marine fabricators association for bids. My current clients are asking for dinghy chaps. Anybody have a standard time they user for these. The dinghy is a
10' rib.


I use the manuals also and try to come up with my best time frame, im not familiar with seeing or looking for this specific in there, but know it is or was.
What i can help with is a video at sailrite and in its listing there are time designators for the video i suppose, i surely cannot be certain how this was timed out, and if they did a couple coffees with a customer and also any relatives ph call. Its possible to take a look and jot down your ideas on the times, seems i have my own quick points and my, best get moving times so any plan really helps me.

good luck



Thanks Floyd
This is just a small piece of a big job. The prospective client got sticker shock when a shop quoted 11hrs at $110
Hr. Don't want to overcharge or shoot myself in the foot. Seems kind of excessive at first glance


I haven't done that project, but i would do as with any look at the value of the item im covering first.

No need to take from the other part of the project and use this as its no give away, to me just the opposite.

have a good day there