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Help!! Please identify this uphostery item :-)

Started by tamix28, August 30, 2017, 07:39:13 pm

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Hello, I have disassembled the upholstery on the passenger seat in my CR-V.  During this process I was stupid, crazy careful to not misplace any pieces and take pictures along the way in case my superior memory failed me.  I rolled all the pieces up in a blanket like us Xennials did with puzzles that would keep us busy for weeks and just like the puzzle when I unrolled it 2 weeks later a piece is gone.  Not any piece mind you this is the piece that I need to attach piece 1 and piece 2.  LOL seriously well at least I have an excuse why people can not sit up front with me in my car and how I always feel like an Uber driver when I do use my car. 

I tried to upload a picture but I am getting this error "Cannot access attachments upload path!"

A few things about the piece:
It is used to secure the upholstery to the seat foam.  The grey part is felt and the white part is a hard plastic which is very tightly adhered to the grey felt part.  The white plastic gets inserted into a hollowed out section of the seat foam and then hog rings are used to secure it.  That is what the hole on the grey felt is for. 


Hi tamix

You can upload your pic to a site such as Google photos, and then copy the link and paste it here.

I'm not a car guy, but I think I can picture what you're talking about. You may have to just sew some fabric into the seam with a pocket on the other end for a stiff wire that you can hog ring.

But try again to get us a pic.
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Thank you for replying and the tips for the photo upload.  Still couldn't get it to work. 


I'm not a car guy either but did you know there are web sites where you can order seat covers that are made for your make and model automobile. You have already striped the old cover off. These seats are made to slip on and attach to the frame. Just a thought.

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I fully understand your question, the piece gets sewn to the seam in the cover then
the other side of the piece will get a few hog rings "to the seat" where the foam is.

The seat you are working on, should have one of these pieces on one side (front to back) and another exactly like it on the opposite side of the seat.  If worst to worst,
just go the the other seat in the opposite side of the vehicle and see it looks like there (but you shouldn't have to do this - is an option though). 

If you haven't thrown anything away, retrace your steps and the piece and where it
goes should be logical.  Do you know someone in the auto trim business?  If so, take what you have to "show" and get "directions".

If this is a vehicle that would be in a local wrecking yard - maybe they would let you do an internal inspection  and perhaps buy the piece (s) you need.

Doyle (car/furniture/ marine/ you name it guy)


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"The more you depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience" -Yogananda