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working with stripes

Started by lizzieb, September 21, 2017, 07:31:29 pm

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A few years ago I gave a quote on redoing a wing back chair with a matching footstool and a fairly large love seat with attached pillows on back.  The customer has purchased the fabric herself and when I went to pick up the pieces discovered she chose multi colored stripes that have 5 different colors in a 1 1/2 stripe!  I told her my quote was not for stripes and it would be 1.5 times the amount I quoted.  Is this too low?  Should I charge her a flat hourly rate plus whatever materials I use?  Should my shop rate be different if I am just ripping things down rather than cutting and sewing?  I am already loosing sleep over this and haven't even started!


Although I do occasionally raise my rates on a case-by-case basis, I generally don't charge any extra for stripes.

The possibility that the customer will run out and buy a more difficult fabric is already factored in to my original quote.
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sofa: Now that's a smart idea.


The only up charge I have based on cover choice is Genuine Leather. And that is do to the extra time to cut properly. Stripes and patterns are all normal work in Upholstery.
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We charge a little more for stripes especially for a stripe like you describe. But my bigger concern would be honoring a two year old quote. We honor our quotes for 6 months, maybe longer if we need the work and maybe longer for a good customer. If you're loosing sleep over it charge more and tell her why. Don't take a job you feel uncomfortable about. If you tell her up front the chances are the customer will accept your new quote.
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Not only has the original estimate expired - don't things in general cost more today than 2 years ago.  Did she give you a deposit to hold down the price ?   Also the wing chair with strips would cause me to loose sleep as well trying to get the inside wings to match the adjoining panels -
Check that.... more like cause me to drink :)


I once gave a lady an estimate of $155 to do her window cushion.

She immediately pulled a piece of paper out of her purse and showed it to me. 
It was a torn off sheet of notebook paper that just said "Labor on cushion $25". She said that my mother gave her that estimate 2 years earlier.

I explained to her that the quote had no letterhead or signature. It didn't specify what type of cushion. And it didn't include labor and foam. But the main reason that I had no intention of honoring that estimate was that my mother had been dead for 7 years at the time.

"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


Way out of my ability, though did want to recommend a day or month limit on your estimates. I do like when others think or mention machine time. Its been a real good measurement in my past, and so always an interest.  Unless they are at the top of the food chain and you mention to take their hourly wage i would use another path. I always like that : )

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Thanks for all the responses - I have until June to get these done so I can take my time.  Going to start on the chair today. I'll keep you posted!!!