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Home Theater Job

Started by kodydog, October 27, 2017, 08:19:52 pm

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October 27, 2017, 08:19:52 pm Last Edit: October 27, 2017, 08:20:40 pm by kodydog
This is the built in channel back job I've been working on the last two weeks.  No we did not do the leather recliners. I had no way to transport the set of two to my shop, nor did I want to. So the channels and deck were done on site. We patterned the cushions and built them at the shop. The cushions are stapled to plywood.

Finished, I couldn't get back far enough to get both in the same picture. The following photos will give a better idea of whats going on.



Channels Half Done

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Mighty clean work there, Kody.

What sort of fabric is that you used?

I sure wouldn't mind lounging and watching a movie in there.

Have a great weekend, Ian




October 28, 2017, 02:51:09 pm #3 Last Edit: October 29, 2017, 02:33:23 am by kodydog
The frame was built by a cabinet maker and of course nobody bothered to consult the upholsterer in the design.

The first time we met the decorator to discuss the upholstery process was last March. She thought we could do the back in one solid piece of fabric. I suggested the channels and she quickly agreed. She wanted the channels to fall at certain points like corners. And I agreed. But because they didn't consult me first this meant the channels would all be different widths. Some up to 1-1/2" wider then others. Dispite this disparity it still looked pretty good and the customer never noticed.

Speaking of the customer, check out this house. This is where I worked for 5 straight days. The customer and her assistant were very accommodating.

Btw the fabric was chenille with striations. And as usual it was hard to explain to the decorator the fabric would have to be cut up the bolt for those tall channels. This created a problem with the cushions that were over 54" wide. Turns out the fabric was 58" wide so this allowed us to cut the end cushions in one piece. The center cushion however had to have a 4" piece sewn into the top corners.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

Darren Henry

"The frame was built by a cabinet maker and of course nobody bothered to consult the upholsterer in the design."

OMG That is a recipe for hard times. We are in the midst of re-doing the backs on restaurant booths that were obviously never intended to be worked on again. Whoever designed them upholstered the backs right to the frame (no removable parts), and screwed them together back to back. Not a huge deal,even with the show wood ends. What is a real pain is how they designed the wooden divider that sits on top to isolate the two booths. A wooden box 10" high and 4" deep is screwed on ( and some later glued for good measure) from the top. Then an oak 2X4 is mounted to a piece of MDF that fits inside the box on rails to "float" the 2X4 by about 3/4". This is glued in place!!! After some serious damage to the last two we removed we had to resort to cutting the screws off with a saws all and finding a new way to re-mount the dividers. I would have really liked to have had some input on that design.

Awesome job as always Ed. Thanks for sharing.
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"The customer and her assistant"

Wouldn't mind getting to that point in life...


That is one awesome job. I expected nothing less from you. I have seen a lot of your work over the years and each piece was amazingly done. Congrats.

Those theatres are pretty cool. My Son has a large theatre in his home that seats sixteen people. It is all tiered like a regular theatre. The seats are these huge leather type chairs like in your picture. The screen is massive and the audio system is out of this world. It was already set up when he bought this estate. I fell in love with it when he put the Eagles concert on. : )

The only problem with them is they eat up a lot of square footage. But then if you have a 10,000 sq ft home like in your picture then that space is a drop in the bucket. My sons house has two huge kitchens, one on the first level and the second on the lower level. I would be happy to have just one big kitchen as ours is small.

That home you were working in is awesome. I love those spanish styles. I doubt I could even afford the taxes on it.



Chris if I were you I'd try to homestead that part of your Son's Home for retirement - it's their turn to provide :)



I have mentioned this. He did just put in an RV site for me. I have threatened to move in so he can look after his old Dad. He keeps mentioning how much more comfortable I would be at his Sister's house. :)

Getting back to the theatre systems out there. They are truly a waste. They get used very little except to watch movies. Watching TV shows on them I do not find fun. Watching concerts and movies is great but how many damn movies and concerts do you watch in a week ? I told my son they were an excess. Maybe it is just me.

I look for him to tear that theatre out someday. He can use that 400 sq ft space for something more useful. My best friend is just finishing building his new home on Lake Lanier in GA. He too put in an RV site for me. He used to live across the street from Ted Turner in a 10,000 sq ft home. After his kids grew up and moved away he wanted to downsize. His idea for downsizing was building this new 6,000 sq ft home complete with a tower/bar that overlooks the lake. He also put in a helicopter pad ( he is a retired airline pilot and one of his sons is an airline pilot ).

These people with money really make me shake my head sometimes.



October 30, 2017, 05:36:25 pm #9 Last Edit: October 30, 2017, 05:38:51 pm by kodydog
To get to the room I was working in I had to pass through the dining room with a large table that sat 10. The kitchen was big enough to feed 30 people. The living room with 2 large matching sofas, 2 chairs a fire place, a chase lounge and plenty of room for more. Then through a small room who's sole purpose was to hold the pool table. The whole time I was there this part of the house was used only once by a fellow in a suit sitting on a sofa with his chin to his chest his eyes closed and snoring up a storm.

These rooms looked out into an expansive pool area and across that was another large wing that I never ventured into. I assume that was her living quarters. 

There was one more large wing behind the kitchen that went off into only god knows where.

She kept the A/C at a comfy 76*. I'm sure her monthly bill is larger then my yearly bill. 

Abundance :)
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Having a home theatre isn't something I would do..
As for many things, I think it just gives the people something to do, then show off.

I would also prefer a 600 sq ft house over 6000 sq ft if I had to make a choice. Then have a stellar outdoor area. But there you are: 'different strokes for different folks'.