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Ronco feathers

Started by gene, December 10, 2017, 01:29:04 am

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December 10, 2017, 01:29:04 am Last Edit: December 10, 2017, 01:30:45 am by gene
I couldn't find my original topic.

I asked about making a down/foam cushion insert and you folks recommended Ronco in California. I bought a down envelope for a single sofa cushion. It came two weeks ago and I finally got around to unpacking it, cutting the foam, and putting it all together. The customer picked it up today.

I was very happy with the down envelope. It had a nice loft to it and was sewn very well. Their prices were OK also. I'm going to start telling my customers about this option.

Thanks again,



SofaDoc told me about Ronco and we have used them 1/2 doz. times. The folks there are very friendly, they have always been able to answer all of our questions and yes their product is quality. Most of all it saves me a lot of figuring and no messy workroom.
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Last week I phoned the local supplier in the Bronx called Grammercy - in business about 50 years.  The phone rang through to Albany Foam.  Grammercy closed and Albany bought out all the stock + phone number.  Albany was very nice and stated they can set up an account for me and ship whatever I need.  I will miss walking around the Grammercy warehouse and picking out supplies instead of thumbing through a catalog. 
Albany will also make custom cushions - I know I've read some here have used them as well.  There's another company called B+M in CT.  who will deliver to my area - also good people with good prices. 

What other suppliers are around ?  Someone mentioned to me Greentex in NYC or DLT on line - .  I have to do some research to have a few new places to call


I also buy my Dacron from Ronco. Their high loft is the best I've found. It doesn't have that Brillo pad feel like so many other suppliers.

The trick is to order on Monday so it doesn't stay shrunk during shipping over a weekend. It takes 3 days to arrive. I cut it open as soon as it comes in, and it recovers fully.
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I'm glad to hear Albany Foam is still around. I have used them in the past for down envelopes and this time I could not get through on the phone so I thought they may had gone out of business. Their stuff was always excellent.