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Started by SteveA, October 24, 2017, 04:36:20 pm

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Quote from: 65Buick on December 19, 2017, 10:24:08 pm
I thought you guys didn't use synthetic burlap?

This is an existing job that Steve is repairing.
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I misread it, that you were using extra synthetic burlap for the repair.

To me all synthetic burlap is just woven polypropylene, and then brushed on one side to avoid squeaks.
My loveseat used this, and they were probably predicting sagging, so they used tension rods underneath to help support.
I also figured they have some machine or device to help stretch it tight since I doubt that could be done tight enough by hand.


From time to time I run across the synthetic spring cover. I don't see that is is better or worse than burlap. When recovering furniture I often leave it in place if it is still in good condition. Some time ago I acquired a roll and used it without fear it would fail. Here is what Hickory Springs has to offer.

A needlepunched woven polypropylene fabric that is widely used for its softness. FLW is available in a natural color with a wide range of standard widths to reduce your material waste. FLW can be used as an insulating fabric over back springs as well as in no-spring backs. We recommend that strip webbing be used in no-spring backs.

This needlepunched nonwoven polypropylenefabric is an excellent choice for spring cover. Duotex offers low noise, high strength, and excellent tailoring for this application. Duotex is available in 2.3oz, 2.7oz, 3.1oz, and 3.5oz persquare yard. Colors include white, black, gray, and tan.

This spunbonded polyester nonwoven fabric offers excellent value as a spring cover fabric. Tricon offers excellent strength, durability, and softness for this application. Available in both gray and black in weights of 3.2oz, 3.5oz, and 4oz per square yard. We recommend the 3.2oz or 3.5oz for this application.

SK Laminates
These composites of spunbonded polypropylene represent our best value as a spring cover fabric. We ultrasonically bond several plies of nonwoven to give our SK Products high strength while retaining the softness of polypropylene. Our SK Laminates are available in 3oz, 3.5oz, and 4oz constructions in both white and powder blue colors.
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Ian - Iv'e never used Synthetic Burlap in lieu of the webbing with the red stripe.  I do keep 10 yards of it around and use it on the bottom of coil spring chairs  when I think the webbing is still OK but I feel safer stapling on the SB over the existing webbing to sure up the bottom.  Keeps a lower profile than additional webbing. 


I would agree with that Steve. I cringe when I see black stripe used for the seats. I have even seen youtube vids by pros demonstrating the springs using black stripe.