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Hiring upholsterer who needs a green card. Anybody done this?

Started by vu, January 23, 2018, 02:23:07 pm

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Here is a guy applied for an upholsterer position with our shop. He has more then 30 years experience and would be a good candidate, but here is the catch - he is in some weird status where he can stay in US but can not work and to hire him we would need to sponsor him for a green card. He showed some serious skills  and I would like to consider him, even if it takes some time to get it done, he has a lawyer and will be paying for it himself. Have you ever done anything like this? Should we try this?


I never did it but have seen others go through it.  One that comes to mind is a near by restaurant who sponsored an illegal fellow.  They confirmed employment only - nothing to do with green card.  The lawyers do that part and it could take many years and tremendous funds.  Right now with the new President it's even harder to do.
You would think that folks who want to work - pay taxes and contribute to this Country would have more opportunity -   
How many people do you employ currently ?


 I am hesitant because while this process would be happening he would not be able to work.  I am not sure how the restaurant could confirm employment if the guy was illegal - he could not legally work, I don't think an illegal would be able to apply for green card through work.  I am lining towards giving it a shot.


Its hard to find a skilled upholsterer. As long as he is footing the bill I don't see a problem. I would be leery if in 6 months he asks for help in the form of money. An ex-boss of mine got burned this way. Make sure he is very clear on this.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Quote from: vu on January 23, 2018, 05:04:41 pm
I am hesitant because while this process would be happening he would not be able to work.
Once the process is complete, would you be under any legal obligation to follow through with your promise to employ him?

If not, why not go ahead and get the process started (assuming you can change your mind later).

I don't know what I would do personally, but I do know what most employers around here would do.........they would hire him illegally and pay him slave wages under the table.
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The worker in the restaurant got residency somehow and a tax ID from the labor dept - but no social security or green card number.  He is here over 15 years and has been better behaved than a Church mouse.  He has a bank account and a drivers licence as well-
Why not see if you could pay your guy as a sub contractor to avoid him working directly on your premise



There are two stages. 1 is a green card and the 2nd is the work permit.

My son just went through this and when his green card expired the Fed's wanted to deport him. They made my son run ad's for his position and said you had to hire an American first before offering him a job.

What country is this person from ?



In helping, I would ask which type of Visa is your friend using.  In my honest opinion the paperwork involved Im sure they know more about than myself. So for me this would be a new learning experience.  With that in mind this discussion is a step forward for you.

Good day