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July 04, 2020, 03:53:27 am


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Started by Bella02, February 26, 2018, 02:57:53 pm

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I hope you don't mind me posting here but I can not find any answers anywhere else.

Inherited a old bed at a guess it is from the 1920's to 1940's. It gave developed a hole and the stuffing is coming out. I am worried that the divan bed base was full of nasty stuff like asbestos (Sorry but I have health anxiety and I am really worried). What I can see is the top fabric, black felt, Hessian, springs and the Hessian bottom.

Do you think this would have anything dangerous in it? I know you can't give me a definite answer.

Thanks in advance for any information


Never heard of any asbestos stuffing ever being used. Kapok looks like thin silky cotton fibers. If the fibers get loose in the air, they can be easily breathed in. But they're not carcinogenic. 
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Thanks for your reply. I know it was used in matteresses and sofas but wasn't sure if it was used in bed divan bases. Would there be stuffing in beside the springs as it's empty now.

Sorry for all the stupid questions but been really worried about my children breathing something harmful in.



Has anyone ever heard of asbestos being woven into fabric for furniture?



In the 49 years I've been in this business I have not heard of any asbestos being used in upholstery. I would think if anything it might have been used in fire retardancy fabrics use in very special purpose not for household furniture use. I think you are very safe.
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The only fabric ever made that contained asbestos was industrial blankets that were used to wrap pipes and equipment in power plants. It was heavily used of course in insulation. It was never used in bedding on any kind.



Thank you for your reply Paul and Mojo. It has helped me a lot. I have been so worried and upset. I have had the bed for 20 years and I managed to convince myself that it had asbestos in the bed and I had put my family in danger but that is anxiety for you.

The bed is now heading to the bin which is sad as it was a lovely bed.

Thanks again for your help and replies.


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When you say the ben I guess you mean the dump. I understand your health issues, no telling what is in that old mattress. But couldn't you discard the mattress and save the frame and buy a new mattress? I'm guessing if it is from the 20"s-40's it is worth saving.
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The mattress on the bed is new. The bed consists of a headboard, a footboard which are held together by a metal down each side the a bed divan base was put on top of this (it's this part I am worried about) and the you put a mattress on top of that. I think it would cost to much to replace that part.

The fabric that is covering the base looks like silk but I have read that asbestos was mixed with other materials and the fabric was usually good or silver and the base is gold with silver flowers pattern


Bella -
I have read that many fabrics are fire resistant - I don't know what that means or if gassing off occurs while in use.  You're not wrong to be careful - over the years I think of diet soda - caned foods, preservatives, and many other things sold to consumers with no real warnings - if your not comfortable with something go on your first instinct


Thanks a lot for this advice! It is really useful
Hi to everybody here!