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Death of a forum

Started by MinUph, February 16, 2018, 01:47:49 am

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Admin,is there no way to make posting pics easier? As mentioned time and time again it is a major turnoff to the forum. I for one won't bother posting a pic and haven't for some time. Because it is just to much trouble. If this forum is to live we need it to work better and more friendly to the members.
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Sorry, I haven't been on here as much lately, but it's not because I'm on FB or any other upholstery related site, I really have been busy. With business and personal things. Actually, I'm a Facebook dropout, like Darren said, if I want to know what someone cooked for supper, I'll call them (that's a lie, I won't do that either, I don't really care).

I hope this site continues to operate because it's civil and I know I've picked up a few things I've found useful.
Everything's getting so expensive these days, doesn't anything ever stay at the same price? Well the price for reupholstery hasn't changed much in years!


February 19, 2018, 01:33:58 am #17 Last Edit: February 19, 2018, 01:44:17 am by kodydog
Quote from: Darren Henry on February 18, 2018, 03:22:00 pm

Instead of throwing in the towel, maybe we should reach out to those who have quit checking in here. I have contact info for Virginia and John, maybe a couple of others.

Couple of odd things here. Everybody remember June? She does mostly boats in South Florida. She was active for many years. She stopped responding about the same time I started my FB business page, around 3 years ago. Somehow she found my fb business page and would occasionally like and comment on it. One day I replied to her comment and told her we missed her at the forum. I never heard from her again.

About a year and a half ago I had to cut the strings to the forum to spend time rebuilding my website and to build my online presence. The website program alone took about 3 months to learn and I spent many hours looking up information on how to build a webpage. This took every spare minute of my time. One day I received a message in my e-mail from Gene asking where I've been. Now I notice Gene has been absent for several weeks.

Gene's e-mail prompted me to rejoin the group. Couldn't hurt to send a short message to some of the folks we haven't heard from in a while.

Paul, you are right. One of the most important tools on a forum like this one is to be able to post pictures to help explain what we are talking about. I use Google Photos, it gives a link to my pictures. But even this is to much trouble for most people surfing the net. It would be nice to post pictures here and now.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Well in my case life has gotten in my way, after Cancer surgery, a head on car accident, and gallbladder surgery i'm just not up to as much lately. Maybe it's time I dust off the old machine and get sewing.


Well glad to see your still with us John, in every sense. Life sure does give us a right kicking sometimes.



It's nice to see participants back and chatter picking up :)
I don't know if this site is the problem with pictures or is the blame more on Photo-Bucket.  I dislike photo bucket,  because previously it was easier to post and now it's become more difficult.  I'm still using Photo Bucket until there is an easier way. 
What would it take to increase traffic here - yes old members back "GREAT"  could we consider recommending a new category or two to My Community.
How many here have washed down the top of a grimy D/R Chair crest rail and sprayed burnt umber followed by black fly specs and clear satin.  Or drilled out broken dowels, replaced wood rails, cut an inch off each of the four legs - retouched missing color from the tops of the arms on those pecan color French chairs ? Used a wood workers oscillating tool in a way not what it was designed for.  Made furniture from scratch - have band saws and table saws - altered your services to take on chair regluing, sheet caning - light finishing ?
This is an Upholstery Forum but woodworking and finish restoration is a big part of it.  Would a category including the other types of craftsmanship done on a daily basis possibly draw some finish and wood restoration folks ? 
There are companies here who have transitioned from wood working and are adding upholstery to their services and I'm sure the other way around.


What Steve says!!!!!!

I have all the wood equipment mentioned and do use it.  There are occasions I wish to have more
knowledge of finishes, because there certainly is a lot needing it.  One aspect of this is, a spray booth is needed.  Aerosol canned products often help out for small amount of spraying.

Steve is right, wood and wood finishing are two closely related activities to furniture upholstery. 

Furniture wood working on the Asian made items is different.  I touch-up on smaller items when
it looks practical.  But never see much info even about their wood types or finishes.  Being limited
on their products, there is reluctance to jump more in that direction (i.e. dining room and larger chest,
that is).

Another case of changes in technology!

Good post Steve,


Darren Henry

Good point Steve about encouraging more woodworking involvement. I'm not sure we need to have another page for it though considering the volume of posts lately.

I have always just taken it for granted that wood working and refinishing were part and parcel of the business. Where I apprenticed we made our own frames, touched up any show wood ( after seeing some of Steve's work I wouldn't call it refinishing),etc.. I know that isn't one's experience. I work with a guy who had 5 years experience back in Jamaica who only recovered chairs. His sewing needed improvement, his woodworking has come along way and he now will take on things like snowmobile and tractor seats. But that has taken almost 2 years LOL
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February 19, 2018, 02:31:52 pm #23 Last Edit: February 19, 2018, 02:34:49 pm by kodydog
Good to hear from you again John, Glad you're still with us Gerbo.

I don't know if any one else saw this post in the "How To Use This Forum" page.

dischafer wrote, "I started to write a post and needed to take an interruption.  How do you "save draft"  for later to finish post? This is the most different forum site I've ever been on....too early but so far I find it very user un-friendly & clumbsy.  However, I have only spent a few minutes with it so far."

At first I was offended by his statement but then I read it again and wondered if this may be another reason people don't hang around.

I'd like to ask Mojo or anyone else who belong to other forums, are they also dying since Facebook became most popular. Do other forums allow posted pictures and are they easier to use. Do they have an assortment of user friendly options.

I know Mojo once mentioned better available formats for forums. I wonder if this would help build this thing back up.

I once suggested to the administrator to ask the members how he could make the forum better. I'm not sure if he ever reads these posts but it seems that suggestion fell on deaf ears.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


I understand that posting pictures direct can take up a lot of space.
I use google photos (drive) which I think is really invaluable as a way to document your work, for your own purposes.

What I then do is re-size the image to about 1/4 of original and make a permanent link with google. You have to check the box that allows others to view by sharing.

It is a bit cumbersome but at the end of the day the owner is providing a free way for us to collaborate, which I really am thankful for.

As far as the woodworking this is a great idea. I follow some workrooms on instagram in which they show custom-built pieces, like banquettes, that are then upholstered. They are absolutely beautiful. I think that is may be a rapidly expanding area for custom furniture upholsterers.
Myself I don't have the tools but that doesn't mean it's not valuable to me. Perhaps some of us could collaborate with furniture makers in our area.


February 19, 2018, 08:15:26 pm #25 Last Edit: February 19, 2018, 08:21:11 pm by MinUph
  As I see this forum. It is an extension of a business and the forum should be a draw for business for whomever owns Upholsterer.com. They either rent or own a server that this is hosted on and space should not be all that big of a deal. Most hosting services give enough space that most sites, even with pictures uploadable, will never use. I think the picture issue is with the forum software Simple Machines. I'm not sure but I kinda think it is. And changing the software would be a very large project.

  In looking at the docs for Simple Machines it seems capable of doing this. Maybe the admin has it turned off or is doesn't really work. It is open source software.
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I'm just glad this forum is here...
Thanks a Bunch,
Dennis Peacock


  I think most forums that have photo upload nowadays have a Kb limit. I have found this to be generally 125 and in very few I have heard 180 though Im only familar with the 125. And most know that they would need to resize their selected photo on their computer so when mousing over or selecting the resized copy it is infact 125 kb.
  The issue we see is pretty much the same, a to small photo and many times blury at a zoomed size. Or my older ones were dang hard to see.
  I do like the old days when random uploading photos was a norm. Although if I was a bit sharper early 2000's I would have respectfully resized so many others on dial-up or just their data line speed for loading/veiwing could be more timely for their interest.
  Some sites I have really liked have had crashes and this unfortunetly lost a lot and some all photos. This is a tough one if you understand. I think most of you might.

  When many members set out to post a series of photos as or a build or whatever, this is great information.
Many others value these post for sure and as many learn from aspects in the series or just a photo post.
  This is a main reason I decided on a seperate photo hosting site. I dont to much photo posting now days but the thoughts of lost information I took the effort to share sure bothers me when a pc crash happens.

  So back to the art or whatever words to easily link photos. I will try.
Im curious how most here would prefer to see photos in post. I mean as a link or thumbnail or other embeded size into the post and or member view only.

Have a good day



  I for one would go with a member view only. I like the fact that this tries to be a trades only forum. Not that I have anything against the general public, they do pay the bills. But having a professional only place is nice.
  It should as simple as "post a pic button" and have it show wherever the cursor happens to be.
Minichillo's Upholstery


I would go member view as well. I like thumbnails that can be clicked for a larger image. Don't know if that helps the space issue.
Thank you Floyd,