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Side Board

Started by SteveA, February 19, 2018, 08:45:42 pm

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This Craftsman Oak side board came in last week.  Stripped down everything, bleached the top w/oxalic acid, glued down loose veneers and filled them in.  You don't always have to patch in with new veneers.  For veneer loss like this it's easier to fill in and faux color the putty - the look will be better than veneer patches.  The only way to fix the veneer correctly would be to re-veneer the entire panel and this job doesn't require that level of repair.  For filler I started with Elmers interior exterior water based product. Sticks well - stays put. Following that - Sanded smooth - still could see course filler - next -  feathered in with timber mate using it as a finishing putty.  The surface became smooth and imperfections couldn't be detected with your finger tip.  Customer wants a brown finish - for me golden oak is the way to go but their choice. 
Timber mate is a great product - comes in colors if you rather, and unlimited shelf life.  Sands so easy that you can use it on a finished surface to fill a dent and sanding can be done with 240 garnet which won't hurt a finish.  Timber mate reminds me a little of the rock hard water putty which also does the same thing but you have to mix it and apply it before it hardens.  The whole piece has been sanded now - the dried oxalic acid rinsed off before sanding - one last thinner wash and I have to think about a stain.  I want to use dye but I think I need something more covering like a wiping stain to hide the patches and black ring marks I can still see a tiny bit.


Very nice Steve. Looking forward to the finished product. I've never heard of Timber mate. I will have to look it up. I have used Rock Hard Water Putty with good results.

Our neighbor was moving and threw out a bunch of stuff. Including this, what I called a server. Side Board sounds much better. I wasn't sure what I would do with it. Rose decided it would make a perfect stand up desk for the shop. I'm sure when she see what you are doing she will have other ideas. It needs a lot of work. :)
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Great post Steve, thanks
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Used the wiping stain - perfect brown - a little more to the green side but helped off set the orange tones of the wood.  The filler was retouched with qualasole and earth pigments - raw sienna and walnut. Than the piece including the filler repairs was stained with the wiping stain.  The filler has gotten to a nice back ground shade color like the rays of the oak - sprayed sealer and after sanding the sealer will start to add some graining.  Yesterday I was searching for reviews on bing for an anti virus.  This morning at photobucket I had to x out of 5 anti virus adds :)


Touch up all done - sprayed sealer and clear over the entire project. 


Geesh! What did they do to that? My sister spilled 'children's' sunscreen on a similar looking finish and it took the varnish off, completely.

Oxalic acid it great stuff. And the finish result there after the sealer looks great.


February 24, 2018, 02:31:00 am #6 Last Edit: February 24, 2018, 02:31:56 am by kodydog
Very nice Steve. I have worked with a refinish guy for about 17 years. I enjoyed working with him because his quality, like yours was outstanding. Lately he has let his son take over. The last job I sent to him was disappointing.

I was able to view your work on photobucket for about 30 seconds before the adds took over. :)
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Thanks Kody,
Ready for delivery back - glad for that it takes up too much room


It is intuitive obvious to the most casual observer that this man not only knows what he is doing
but understands it.

Great job Steve, you have a talent that would be difficult to duplicate.

Thanks for sharing,



Doyle those are very kind words and thank you for that -
As you know - like the rest of the regulars here - when you do it long enough - satisfactory results more often than not -
I hope the photo aspect of our site gets better - there are numerous craftsman here that are pushing out extraordinary work.
I can tell by your writings Doyle that you are proudly a talented craftsman