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Oil on the bottom of my material - help

Started by sawdustar, March 10, 2018, 02:47:00 am

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I have a Yamata FY5318 sewing machine. It works perfectly except that it gets some oil on the bottom side of the material being sewn. I tried to see if there was an oiler adjustment on the bottom side near the bobbin area but I don't see one anywhere. I need your advice on how to end the oil getting on my material issue. BTW, the oil level in the bottom reservior is between Low and Full.

Thanks a Bunch,
Dennis Peacock


March 10, 2018, 10:09:03 am #1 Last Edit: March 10, 2018, 10:23:57 am by brmax
  This Consew link list an instruction manual and may shed some light on this, I believe it is similar.
On page 3 list a few tips for oil procedures, following on the next page describes the hook.

  Its here I would look to see if it compares and keep in mind any adjustments need monitored.
The typical adjustment is using a 1/8th - 1/4 turn, with monitoring. This is the critical part so I always would take a good look at the upper lubrication parts also.
  I find a lot of times oil can come ftom the top, needle bar and presser bars and this drips on the hook. Its been a good tip to keep a small absorbent cloth or towell under presser foot when your not using machine.

  We should remember many of these class machines are setup to be in a factory running at full speed. Sometimes these settings are also set for very slow running and so benefit with custom but monitored settings.
  If you notice in their video a few lubrication tips and procedures.


Good day



Understand the concern.  Gosh, the direction to go -- I guess from the beginning?

Check oil wt.  (I doubt it being this - you know the correct wt).

Does the quantity of oil seem excessive else where?  How is oil delivered - plastic hose(s)?

You have checked for delivery volume adjustments (there wouldn't be any would there - that would
likely be an engineering function).

I guess the bottom line is - it is in the auto- oiler somewhere, pump volume and/or possibly delivery
calibration (hose alignment).

Let us know.

I am assuming this is on an automatic oiler equipped machine? 


Thank you and yes, this is an automatic oiler machine. I don't find any hook oiler adjustment screw anywhere....or at least it's not "obvious" to me and the manual for it isn't much help.
I'm going to review all the info at the link that you provided me Floyd. Thank you.

I'll drop back in after I research this a bit more.
Thanks a Bunch,
Dennis Peacock


Good to hear from you!
In that link with the video, listed lower on that page that I was refering to. Its about on the 4.00 minute mark that was of interest particularly. 
I understand this is not the same model yet its a bit similar I thought and just a shot.

Good luck


When I first got my 205Rb it seemed to leak oil like this. The mechanic said use it. And it went away after awhile. If this Yamata is new maybe it just needs to break in. I had a Yamata and let it run with the feet up no thread for a few hours. It helped many issues. New machines are tuff. They need to break in.
Minichillo's Upholstery


Typically auto oiler machines have an adjustment screw which is most times located on or near the pump. You can adjust the oil pump down and then later adjust it back up after the machine gets broken in. Our serger has a site glass for oil lubrication.