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July 11, 2020, 05:09:26 am


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Newer Furniture Upholstery - Impressive moments!

Started by baileyuph, June 20, 2019, 01:55:33 pm

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Been doing newer furniture upholstery - lately, along with everything else on the platter.  Few comments:
Factory technology is impressive;  noticed how exact patterns are cut - it is obvious how the computer
driven cutting technology is basically "spot" on!  Most of the fabric patterns I have done are back
to the solids - as if tapestries and traditional patterns are behind times.  Instead the taste now is
in solids and brighter colors. 

The fabrics are basically synthetics and called by names that seem only currently named;  caution,
they can be bad on the fraying side.  To add; zippers are primarily on the plastic side.  Haven't seen
near as many metal zippers in the newer stuff I have had in recovery - or same for newer cushions.

Sewing technology, I admit is impressive, their machines seem to be more computer driven (something
possible with the digital technology of today.  In a word, less operator skill is required today with the
advanced technologies in place.

Oh, my goodness the cushion fillers used today (recently that is) are .........well, just more synthetic
plastics, especially in the bottoms.  Don't know where they come from just plastic scraps, I guess.

Regarding the bottom line, no wonder how the newer prices are kept down, little traditional anymore.

Consumers had adjusted their mindset to this new stuff and their prices - they want it cheaper is the
noted thing!!  My goodness it is already cheap - seeing sofas now getting cheaper.

The reupholstery business has and will continue to face these kind of changes and more -it appears.

Mean while, hang in there guys!



It is amazing how it seems that every aspect of the furniture is manufactured for maximum efficiency in design/assembly and the cheapest quality of materials possible.

With all the technology they still cannot totally eliminate the human factor. A homeowner bought two club chairs around $1000 each and she and the designer thought there was something wrong but couldn't put their finger on it. The fabric had a non symmetrical geometric type pattern to it. I pointed out that the outside side panels were upside down.



Yes, there is still considerable responsibility left on the craftsman.  These patterns today - some orientation can still be important - as Gene points out.  To Add, the craftsman is challenged to
understand and work with the more precision cutting and sewing equipment.

Speaking of higher tech sewing; I have run into heavy duty top stitching on the newer items.

If it unravels, usually there isn't much that is easy to correct or duplicate.  The thread is much heavier
and the stitch lengths,  plus the trouble of getting the upholstery off to put under a machine is
just not doable.

Question: Did your example of pattern orientation show up on domestic made furniture?

I sure see a lot of geometric patterns (in vogue now).