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August 10, 2020, 12:05:56 pm


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Is there a market for pet clothing?

Started by baileyuph, June 30, 2019, 02:19:17 pm

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While on new markets related to pet use, is there such under the theme of pet clothing?

Something like caps/hats and boots/booties?

Do people (pet owners) ever dress their pets a bit?

For the tough dogs - a set of spurs and chaps could be made with western style stuff (hats/caps/simulated saddles and lasso ropes. 

Never know what an upholsters/clothing market could derive?

I already think pets are wearing glasses around, especially in cars.

Something like this grow into a large market of items for pets.




Definitely a market for theme based clothing for pets. Several things to consider. A quick google search will show many manufactures and home based business of pet clothing. This will also give you an idea of prices. If you feel you can compete price ways then consider that sewing clothing is much different than sewing upholstery. Fabric, thread, and zippers are all different. Then look at the equipment. Using an industrial machine to sew delicate fabric ain't going to cut it. A lot of surging and other fancy stitching is also involved.

You can certainly overcome these challenges. Me personally, I'm to busy to learn a new craft. I can still remember opening our first business and how long it took us to set up and learn all the nuance's of running an upholstery business. We have tried to venture into other related business but always seem to come back to the sure money maker, upholstery. With retirement 8 or 9 years down the road trying something new no longer sounds appealing.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.



This is one market that is flooded big time. There a slew of Mom & Pop's who make pet clothing and sell
them at flew markets.

There is a vendor who travels the RV Rally circuit that sells pet clothing and accessories. I often wonder how
long they will be around.

I am guessing the margins would be very slim.