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Need a litle advice please

Started by bigdog56nh, October 07, 2010, 02:01:51 am

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I am just getting started in this side of the boat world and I found a deal on a Singer 211G155 is this a good quality machine and the deal sounds good 150 for the whole thing including the table and was just gone thru. I am a boat mech by trade so HELP please Thanks Rick

Darren Henry

The table is worth a yard and  a half ( at least up here in Canada).I'd say jump on it. The experts will sort me out , but an associate of my had the same or very simalar machine  for his upholstery and told me it was compound double feed etc... Perfect. Follow my upcoming post re- singer manuals.
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thanks and i will check the post out


We have one and its a decent machine but not walking or compound foot. 

One of the things I like about the 211Gxxx machines is the self oiling.  Just be sure to keep the reservoir full.

Some of the machines have a lever on the side that controls the flow of oil.  You can turn it on or off by flipping the switch.  If you happen to leave it on on the oil will continue to flow through the machine.  If your machine comes with the dedicated table there is a collection bottle on the bottom of the drip tray. 

Gregg of Keystone told me a while ago that the Singer 21Gxxx machines were made in Germany and in my opinion are well made. 

That said, I wouldn't use the Singer 211G151 machine that we have to make a boat cover using most of the standard grades of acrylic canvas.   You'll want a compound feed machine.  Once you start sewing multiple layers of canvas together you'll see why.

$150.00 for the machine & table is a good price.  The table and motor alone is worth that.  Good luck!




  You must have a different variant of 211G.  The service manual for the 211G155 at


says the 211G155 is a "...single needle, lockstitch, high speed sewing machine with compound feed and alternating presser feet..."



It does have a walking foot. The guy I am buying it from should it to me the other day and it did have one on it.


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If the machines is in proper condition and set up well I´m sure it will serve you well. But keep in mind the 155 subclass has no reverse. As a newbie I´m sure the clutch motor will be too fast for you and you have to switch to an energy saving servo motor. You will have a better speed control. What you mean with "pulley to slow it down" - has it just a small motor pulley or a complete speed reducer installed?

The Singer 211 is the successor of he Singer 111 but it takes the same feet. User Manual, spare parts list l and service manual should be available online.
At least, you may look for new machine reading this informative review.
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