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Serving those who serve us.

Started by kodydog, August 13, 2019, 08:15:24 pm

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So here's a scenario. A firefighter or police officer or paramedic walks into your business. They need a repair that will only take you 1/2 hour. Do you,

1. Charge them regular price

2. Charge them reduced price

3. Do the repair for free

4. Refuse them service.

Here is what an employee at a Madeira Beach Fl McDonalds did.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


The world is going crazy - but having two sons that are cops and one marine - my choice is limited to repair for free with a promise they will visit more often  :)


You should be proud.

When I worked for the guy in Gainesville a motorcycle cop came into the shop. He needed foam to insulate and pad his saddle bag where he kept his laptop. We set him up with no charge.

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


I had a police officer come in a few months ago needing a cover for the camera on the roof of this huge vehicle used in emergency and terror use. I was happy to order the fabric and make it for free.
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That employee who refused to serve badges - if he gets shot in the ass the only people on this planet that he will want to see is a cop and a paramedic. And if the badges don't show up quick enough he will get a lawyer and hope to win the lottery.



These young snowflakes piss me off. They have no respect for authority. They need to spend 2 years in the Marines
to get their minds right.

In regards to first responders, we always offer quick sew jobs for free to them. Police and firemen gear that needs to be restitched, etc.
We also heavily discount work for people confined to wheelchairs such as re-stitching or the making of a new wheelchair cushion. Alot of times we do it for free

All military members and Veterans get 10 % off any order they place. Being a Veteran myself I am a huge proponent of
giving thanks to our current and former military members. It is one reason I refuse to shop at Home Depot. Lowes always gives me
a military 10 % discount off anything I purchase. Home Depot gives nothing. We have a corporate account with Lowes which gives us 5 % off and our corporate account with Home Depot gives us nothing. Screw em. I shop at Lowes. You will find many Veterans operate this way. They go where they are appreciated.

We give to specific charities throughout the year - Wounded Warrior's, Leukemia Society ( as I have leukemia myself ) and we sponsor certain events in the community. We are very blessed to have 3 successful companies so we try and show our thanks by helping others and show respect for our police and fire departments. These damn snowflakes disrespect and hate police and fire dept members but have no problem calling them when they need their services. They disgust me. All of us here on this forum were raised in different times. We were raised to respect authority as well as respect our elders and seniors.



Some young folks have concluded success can be obtained more easily than their parents achieved it.  Not many choose to sacrifice their play time for work time.

First responders  don't get the respect they deserve - seems the public doesn't acknowledge law enforcement as important of an entity as it once did.  Here in NY this Garner case has divided the State.  For the longest time I believed Garner had as much responsibility and provoked the situation. He had many previous arrests, refusal to comply and walk away and the store owner called the police many times and asked that he be removed from the front of their legitimate business.  Was it a choke hold or a head lock ?  Was he choking if he could say he couldn't breath 11 times / did he have advanced heart disease and 200 lbs over weight ?

Finally last night I saw a video I hadn't seen before that showed Garner on the floor with the officer continuing to have him in a head lock or choke hold after he was down.  This officer should have backed off and I think he had been sited for aggression before. 
A bad apple in the mix tarnishes all the good law enforcement does.  RIP Garner - you should not have lost your life and pro cops should have figured a way to de-escalate the situation.   I hope someday there will be a balance of respect both ways - law enforcement is a really tough job in this Country -


Quote from: SteveA on August 20, 2019, 01:06:15 pmlaw enforcement is a really tough job in this Country -

I have much respect for law enforcement. I think lack of respect is what gets many into trouble. The sad thing about the Garner case is the perp was simply selling cigarettes', one at a time and that is illegal in NYC. Sad he died for such a petty crime. 
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.