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On Going Repairs

Started by SteveA, August 13, 2019, 09:21:11 pm

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Footboard - piece missing on the lower section of the curved rail.  Walnut - doweled both sides with a slot underneath to accept the 1/8th panel - Before repairing the damaged end there was only 1/2 of the hole for the 1/2 inch dowel - not a good connection. 




I haven't worked on this job because I asked the customer to bring me the 4th leg although it wasn't damaged I still need to tone it a bit to match the three that I colored so far.
New color from the flowers down - a little glossy but I'll dull it down after the final coating. Photobucket is limiting hosting to 250 mb a month which I've exceeded.  Let me know if this image works OK with google



Minichillo's Upholstery


Nice job Steve. Last time I want on Photobucket I got a message that told me I had exceeded my photo limit. I deleted a bunch of photos and now everything is good.
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That's what I did the last time deleted 30-40 images - now they are telling me I've exceeded the free posting limit for the month -


August 30, 2019, 03:02:50 pm #7 Last Edit: August 30, 2019, 03:04:09 pm by kodydog
Must be their latest effort to get people to pay to use. Last time they loaded up so much spam it made it impossible to use. That didn't work because users simply went to other sites to upload images.
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Following a pet damage repair one of these Mom sites listed my name for furniture repair but instead of getting Antique Restorations - they think I'm the Dog Whisperer Repairer -
These sites are great and free.  My buddy Jose tried Angies List and after spending $ 300.00 w/unequal return he gave it up - they still email him a couple of times a week trying to get him back on board.
The Mom's sites are chock full of customers - sooo many moms - so little time !  I might have to start taking 1 A days to keep up.  Photobucket allowed me back but I reduced the pictures to 60 kb to stretch my free space.  See what the photos look like




The photos look good Steve. I notice Photobucket now adds a superimposed ad to posted images. "Host Share Store Photobucket" A bit annoying when looking at details but not so bad that I would stop using it.
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This is a high end table - some kind of zebra veneers - $ 4000.00 new  - it has a glass top.  The veneers look to be heat pressed and they aren't holding well.  When the movers wrapped blankets around the wood the veneers got snagged and pieces were torn off.  I need to fill in the voids because than I can faux paint in the stripes - I'll never find veneers to match if I try to replace the top veneers entirely. 
Another example of poor workmanship by the manufacturer - Italy base company




September 25, 2019, 02:34:54 am #12 Last Edit: September 25, 2019, 02:35:42 am by kodydog
I don't know Steve, maybe you can set me straight. To me veneers are a way to use cheep wood for the base and then cover it with a more expensive and thin outer layer. And I know there are plenty of valuable antiques that have the veneer surface. I don't understand, If you're going for high quality why not just use solid wood.

We just upholstered a rocker that had a piece of veneer missing from the lower back. It looked like someone repaired it with a piece of bubble gum. I do not have your skills to repair it properly so I left it alone.   
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Veneers are used when you want to display the most decorative and highly figured application as possible.  Highly figured woods are not stable - lots of movement therefore you apply them thin in veneer form to a stable surface and you get both strength + figure.  Also veneers can be laid in different patterns that can't be done with solid wood e.g. sunburst, bookmatched etc.  There's nothing wrong with veneers unless the substrate is poor or the glue used is inadequate.  Yes when sanding you don't have any thickness under neath but the older veneers are heavier on antiques - a lot more than what they do today and will allow decent sanding for refinishing.
In the photo are bundles of inlay veneers given to me by a cabinet maker from Italy - he's in his 90's and was clearing out his stash - lots of great uses for veneers.   



Thanks Steve, that makes a lot of sense.
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