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August 05, 2020, 12:18:04 am


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Hey everyone! Can you offer some advice on a sewing machine?

Started by magzray, July 18, 2020, 01:59:05 pm

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Hey Upholster Forum folks! I just joined this forum and I'm looking for some recommendations. I'm a cabinet maker at an interior design and fabrication shop, but I do some auto upholstery on the side as a side business (and I'm pretty new at it). My shop just asked me to help them start up a upholstery section so we can expand our furniture options for clients and I pretty much have full reign to bring in whatever equipment I want and need. So first off I've been shopping for some sewing machines. I have a JUKI DNU-241H at home that I love but for the shop, I've been looking at the 1541s and the 1508n.
It seems like either one would be a good option. I'll mostly be doing restaurant booths and bar stools. Maybe some other random furniture, but I want the option to be able to do thicker leather incase the situation calls for it, which is what brought me to the 1508n.
If anyone has any advice or experience with either of these machines, I'd appreciate some pointers!



Hi there, please excuse the late reply.
We have no direct experience with any Juki sewing machines. Some models are fussy in getting the proper tension to sew thicker materials such as leather. Most walking foot machines should sew leather, even heavier leather if all the adjustments are correct. The Juki 1508N is a good machine but since the lack of direct experience with the machine I can not tell you much about it.
See the Consew machines that we have in our sortiment.