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hi guys , newbie here from the uk.

Started by stumpy1972uk1, October 15, 2010, 10:55:33 pm

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October 15, 2010, 10:55:33 pm Last Edit: October 15, 2010, 10:57:10 pm by stumpy1972uk1
hi guys , thought id show you all the seats im working on at the moment. im no professional upholsterer but im praticing alot , actually a refrigeration engineer by trade, first bucket seats ive ever done. these are being done for a mate with a well known drag racing van over here in the uk

 as it arrived to mine

  after removing the shabby worn covers

 replaced the wood slats in the base

 arm rest damaged , this in now repaired
some of the strip down pics

  base seat cushion modified to accept a harness anti submarine belt

 base cushion still to have stripes sewed in

 almost done , just got to hand sew the yellow belt pockets in . the rear yellow panel has stripes sewed in.

second seat still to be done. ade


Hello and welcome on board.

Practicing is how you become a professional - the only way.

I would have thought that a drag racing seat would be made of things that are not flammable. The wood surprised me.



hi , thanks for the welcome , its a street driven van thats got a mid mounted 7 litre blown v8. i was suprised how `basic' the seats are inside and their sold as race seats . corbeau are the make. ade


Hi Stumpy

i'm in the uk too, i do marine canvas and a little upholstery in Norfolk

Welcome to the board.

Best not talk litres for engines in here, these guys work on measurement
units from the old empire days hehe.

I do too :-)

7 litres is about 427 ci


hi , thanks for the welcome , must remember the measurments for future lol. im in the west midlands area.  im practising like mad , got dreams of doing upholstery both furniture and auto full time , dont think theres much call for marine in the midlands . ade