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sold my boat but get this

Started by Mike8560, July 11, 2010, 03:36:09 am

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July 11, 2010, 03:36:09 am Last Edit: July 11, 2010, 03:39:32 am by Mike8560
I bough tthis last november thoose that didnt see it she was a 32 foot 1988 bayliner motoryacht 12 beam 16 foot bridge cleance and

dry weight of 12,500 lbs.

so I listed it and got a numvere of calls but one guy caled from dallas TX and wanted to have a surveyor take a look and due to his time frame was going to drive out himself the next day I say ok. and met his surveyor that afternoon. all went well and the buyer told me he was leavign in the morning wensday with his truck and a trailor. and he asked about boat ramp at my marina. I said the marina next dorr had a travel lift that could set the boat on his trailor and advised him of te boats weight and size. he said ya I know. I think i can pull t out in a ramp. me id have called a hauler with a lowboy hydrualc trailor.
he showed up with a f 350 diesel and triaxle loadmaster trailor. and paid me cash before he ever tried to load it on a trailor not knowing where the props keel were going to land n the trailor.

slid it right up the center of his trailor and was quite the show at the marina.
the f350 durmax had no trouble pulling it up the ramp to my surprise but when the boat laid back on the trailor at the top of the ramp the winch strap snaped and scared the heck out of me.

we though he was going to have to remove the whole bridge  but with the radar arch off and the windshield he was about 14.5 feet a tad over his permits and left friday morning for home.


So I take it, from what I know of you boat people, you're buying a 45 footer now. Always moveing up to bigger and better boat.


Mike, that's crazy!  Glad no one was near that strap when it broke. 
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I hope he had new brakes on that trailer...maybe he was doing a commercial for Ford!
It does seem to sit nicely on the trailer though...this guy has been dealing with boats for a while l should think. And he paid CASH.


Ive trailered a lot of big boats but that one would have scared me a bit too, especially with the inboards.  I alwsy use a safety chain on the bow along with the winch strap/cable.  Ive had a few break when the trailer flexes going over the hump and its a scary thing.  Congrats on the sale.


Congrats Mike! I just made this top and thought your boat was the same.

I think the guy said his was a 38'. We actually made him a back curtain too. He did it as a surprise for his wife. When his wife saw it she said "Why didn't you get them to make an enclosure?" Now we're going to make an enclosure for him and cutting up his back curtain. !!!. Thats the trouble with surprises I guess.
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Ya peppy that's a 38. Got to love al the power the ladies have Noe you guys get more work too after getting paid forr the aft curtian lol.  Eric nit this time not a bigger boat. Actually I sold my house also and am buying a  house on the water but there is a bridge to get user with 10 feet of clearance. So the boat had to go. Only two miles  from my shop  we in am currently 10.  so now I'll save time and gas going to work and no more
marina fees


July 11, 2010, 10:49:02 pm #7 Last Edit: July 11, 2010, 10:52:54 pm by fragged8
hey Mike you change boats more often than your underwear  heheh

nobody here would even consider towing a boat that big, it would be a
lowloader job. I am always amazed the size of boat you guys tow with a
pick-up.. i guess an advantage of auto shift too is you don't have a clutch to
burn out .

does this mean you'll be buying your old boat back ?

lets see pics of your new place ??? i bet its sweet .




What are we going to go out and fish on ?




Good deal, Mike.  Lots of amazing bargains on the water these days and it sure is nice to not have to pay storage fees for your boat.  Does it have a lift?
"Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people."

     W. C. Fields


Congrats Mike....on selling of the boat and moving closer to the water!!!
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Wow. that sure dwarfs the truck. the boat wasn't even all the way up to the front bumpstop, was it? Geesh. one big gust of wind, and all your new woodwork would be splinters on the highway. Hope he has fun with his new toy. Just think, you might see the boat on "Cops: Dallas" one of these days if he's got a trafficking business on the side. :-) Just sayin.
Sew what???


I was really surprised to see that his truck wasn't a dually! :o

Congrats on the new boat. ;D

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Chris well just have to fish from the dock till I get. Around to a smaller boat. No lift yet June.
And I'd have like a duely also HD  Russ the guy was actualy a mber of the dallas PD.
He had all the proper permits. 



I guess I could probably bring that little 21 ft Wellcraft of mine down to fish from. I just didn't think would
want to fish in a little tiny boat that size.

My Wellcraft would have made a good dinghy for your previous boat. :)