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Wholesale Embossed Leather

Started by Exotic Leather, February 23, 2011, 02:44:12 am

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Exotic Leather

Wholesale Embossed Leather
Take a look at some of the best Crocodile embossed leather. We work with some of the best tanneries in the word. We are one of the largest companies with the closest thing to the real thing when it comes to embossed (tooled leather) animal prints. Take a look at or leather and our prices at

These are Patent and semi-patent leathers

The patent snake leather are great for the one of a kind projects. These hides are half hides approx 18 sq ft for the small projects. Customers have used the snake patent leather for custom cars and home and office furniture.
Excellent Service & Pricing on Exotic Leather, and Vinyl.


Dear Exotic Leather,

Please do not spam us with your repeated post.  We all know you are here after the first post.  I'm sure we all welcome you as a materials supplier and the knowledge that brings to the board.  Be part of the community like Greg, Andrew, and Mike.  It will bring you business in time, but spamming the board will not help your case.

Best of roads,