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New in town

Started by Stitchwerks, September 17, 2010, 05:24:47 pm

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new to the forum, just wanted to introduce myself I have been doing auto upholstery as side work/ hobby since 2005. learned the trade @ wyotech.

quick factory recover job for a 59 caddy seat

old padding turning to dust

marking out for the peats and tuck and roll

non dust foam

dead cow skin

new cover made

*link to larger pics HERE*


Hay Stitchwerks, nice to have you aboard.  Good looking work on the caddy seat, I am also a Wyotech grad, way back in 1984 :o
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Nice, indeed! Hey, I see all those cans of Keyston adhesive on your bench.  Do you use that to glue your fabric to the foam before you stitch for the tucks?  I'll be doing a Sweet 16 Donzi in a while and I'm trying to decide if I want to glue or not glue.  Sure is more difficult without glue when using 1/2" foam, though.  The Donzi was originally done with either no foam or cheap 1/4" foam and it went totally flat, making the tucks look all wrinkly and all the stitching shows. 


Oh, welcome!
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The glue is a temp tack to keep the material in place while i sew. it helps me up a tone when sewing pleats or diamonds