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July 05, 2020, 05:26:47 am


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tri vantage

Started by Mike8560, October 07, 2010, 12:48:01 am

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I just learned this week that they closed the lake park Fl facility. now everything come out of miami


Wow!  Wonder what happened.  There's lots of marinas in North Palm Beach - and canvas/awning shops.  I was just going to order some stuff from them that Manart doesn't carry.  We'll see what the service is like.  Hope Jay still works for them but I doubt so since his commute to Miami would make the job not worth it. 

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Tri Vantage... wasn't that the company that assured those of us in the northeast that after they bought Astrup "nothing would change"?  Wonder what all the very knowledgeable and long term Astrup employees thought after they were given their pink slips? 

Rock on, Tri Vantage! we're really impressed up here in the peanut gallery.  Not.


Have to agree , customer service reps lack some basic product knowledge. I do most of my trivantage orders online. I screw it up way less than my rep.
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I also had allot  of goof up at first but what I have oredered lately has been god service. I had q visit from Bobby June  who was my rep then the guy in charge now he said he is working out of his house as a  my sales rep agin even thought my orders come out if miami all that was kept he said was Trisha a d ticia. Also working from home   He said he was out visiting his top 100 shops. I said if I'm in that catagory thing realy must be slow ;). I don't order much from them.