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July 11, 2020, 02:40:32 am


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We've gone international

Started by stitcher_guy, October 07, 2010, 05:52:12 am

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PEPPY (Devin) from our little community joined up on my Facebook business page and sent me a message asking for a T-shirt. He's in Ontario, I'm down in Illinois, so I figured "hey, what the heck." He works in an upholstery shop, so it would be fun to infiltrate the competition.

I got pics from him today. The shirt fits, he looks happy, and I'm waiting for two things: 1) a pic of all his coworkers clustered around him in his PRO Stitch shirt giving us a big thumbs up, and 2) a picture WITH A MOOSE. He's doing his best.

Thanks Devin for wearing the PRO Stitch name with pride.

Sew what???


hey i'll do you a swop, i have company coffee mugs  :o



Hey Russ,  I would be more than happy to wear one of your tee shirts all around southwest Va. & Northeast TN.   ;D  Want my address?



Well....sad news. No moose picture. The boss left moose hunting yesterday (up to Darren's neck of the woods) and I was going to send it with him, but he was in such a tissie getting packed he forgot it on his desk. Sorry.


I'll keep an eye out for other wildlife.

(if your dead set on a moose Darren is probably better situated)
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Tell ya what. I'll be happy with this. Get everyone in your shop together for a group picture with you in the shirt under their sign (I think that would be fun as heck. Keeping up international relations). AND, grab a stuffed moose and hold it up. There. Done deal all in one pic. :-D

Go to it, my man.

Get on my Facebook local business page (search: pro stitch) and let me know and I'll try to send shirts out to those who ask. That would be fun to have an album of all the other shops and upholsterers who have PRO Stitch shirts. My wife will have a cow because I'm sending them out, but sew what? lolol
Sew what???

Darren Henry

Quote(if your dead set on a moose Darren is probably better situated)

That used to be the case. High wolf population and brain worm spread by the overpopulation of white tail deer have really reduced their numbers in the last few years though. Deer and moose seasons open this weekend in Ontario. I'll be packin' my camera if I get time to go to the bush.

Odds are I won't see anything in the bush. They are all in town. Last weekend was the only time this month I didn't see one from my window (although there were 4 at Wallmart when I went for milk). This little 5 point ( we only count one side up here) walked past me as I was unloading the car 4-ish Friday afternoon two weeks ago.


Twenty minutes later he walked up to me and licked the camera while mooching. I offered him a drag of my cigarette ; but he just licked the filter , he didn't inhale so don't go all Green peace on me. ;D

Life is a short one way trip, don't blow it!Live hard,die young and leave no ill regrets!


Hey Russ how about a pic with a gator?



I'm working on the class photo still (tough to get everyone in one place) but here's the moose picture!

I hope it's close enough to count. Best I could do.  ^_^
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