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July 14, 2020, 08:23:54 pm


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Redesigned Club Chair

Started by crammage, October 26, 2010, 02:22:15 pm

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I had a customer who wanted to change her 1930's club chair into something more shell like with a higher back and two different kinds of fabric.

Here's the before picture.

Here's the after.

Hopefully she'll like it.



Great job Clay, I just love the original though.
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Thanks.  Yeah, I liked the looks but it wasn't very comfortable and that was the customers biggest complaint.  It's much softer now with foam and dacron stuffing rather than the horsehair and cotton.  Plus I raised up the seat so you can rest your arms at a more comfortable height.


Nice work! I like the change!
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Awesome job. I like the original but also like the reworked chair.

Great job and very creative.



Wow, it is just beautiful, you should be proud!


Thanks for the kind words.  The client was suppose to come yesterday to look at the finished products ( I did two chairs for her) but didn't show up.  They are still in the remodeling process and wanted to know if I could hold on to them a little longer and I said that would be fine.  She was coming over to pay for them though.  guess I get to call her today and see what's up.