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What does "Meet it, or beat it" mean?

Started by sofadoc, November 02, 2010, 10:47:46 pm

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Had a credit card processing company call me promising to "meet or beat" my current processor's price, or give me $500. So, I faxed 'em a copy of my last 2 merchant service statements. They called back and said "We're sorry, but we cannot provide service for you at this time"
I said "Well, thanks for tryin'. Now I'd like my $500, please".
Apparently, there was some fine print that I didn't see when they called me on the phone to begin with. ???
For starters, they said my current machine would be obsolete as of Jan 1 (I've been hearing that for 4 years now, hasn't happened yet). So I would need a new one ($300). Then, I would need periodic updates to that new machine $29.95 mo.)
And while they DID offer a better rate, there was a higher monthly service charge.
Reminds me of those car dealers that promise to "meet or beat, or pay you $1000"
I wonder how many of THOSE checks they've cut!
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just hang
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They always talk big until someone actually wants them to beat it!

Sofadoc, Mike. What machine or service do you use?
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It's a con game. The scum bags have a monthly quota. In order to MEET IT, they try to con you into signing up for their product or service, which is usually both more expensive and inferior to what you currently have. If they cannot turn you, they will BEAT IT to their next mark.

If they have a competitive product or service, why would they need to "meet it or beat it"?

That term is always a turn off for me.



Quote from: regalman190 on November 04, 2010, 12:41:23 am
Sofadoc, Mike. What machine or service do you use?

My current service is Innovative Merchant Solutions.
When I get those calls from other places, I usually tell them "No" and hang up. But this time I listened to their pitch as a favor to a friend who worked there, and would get a referral credit. I don't think this is one of those "scam" places, as it is a MAJOR financial institution that you've all heard of. But, having said that, I still don't see $500 coming my way.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


We don't take credit cards. I'm not asked about it very often. Sometimes someone will want to use their debit card, but that is very rare. I don't have a retail sale wall or anything to create impulse purchases. Usually, they've saved for it and have the cash or a check ready.

The guy who works with me just rolls his eyes when I get a telemarketer of any kind on my line. He used to work at a call center, taking orders for jewelry, and such. I view it as a chance to vent and have fun. I am pleasant as they start, then the first break in speech, i usually unload in a tirade on them. Yes, sometimes there are expletives (no customers around of course). And then one day, I happened to be standing next to the Forsche 32, and it had dual Porsche horns hooked up RIGHT inside the sidewall. So I leaned over and WHOOOOOOOOO right in the phone. I was smiling.
Sew what???




Stitcher: You're quite right! Upholstery is not an impulse buy. People plan and save for it. For that reason, I resisted taking credit cards for many years.
But now, many people want to use their credit cards for the "reward" incentives. And I have a lot of customers now that don't even carry a checkbook anymore, just a debit card.
The one thing that I've noticed about credit card users, they're not as likely to quibble about price if they can plunk down plastic.
"Perfection is the greatest enemy of profitability" - Mark Cuban


Stitcher and Sofadoc:

I would agree completely that upholstery is certainly not an impulse buy, however a lot of times I could see where (especially the younger "car trickers") would want to use a credit card and then pay off over time.  Yes, Russell, I know you don't cater to that market.