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interesting job

Started by fragged8, November 04, 2010, 06:57:44 pm

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I got a job today making a dingy cover and a wheelhouse cover.
nothing out of the ordinary but I'm in England and the boat
is in France and i won't be going to the boat.

lets hope the customers dimensions are correct eh :-)


I once made some elaborate picture frames for an artist for his $10K - $25K paintings.   I made them, added some decorative trim pieces and primed them, then he did various things to them to get them to blend into his artwork such as gold leaf, painting flowed over from canvas to frame etc.  They varied from about 2' x 2' to 5' x 7'.     

I had to remake two of them because he gave me the dimensions and could not understand any division other than halves.  When it got to eighths, he was completely lost.   It was at that point that I got a tape measure that had 1/8 inch increments labeled so that he could tell 3/8 from 5/8.   And I was with him when we remeasured the canvases.

I don't think metric would have done him any better

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I made some wins  protection at a tiki bar at a dishing  resort in Honduras once to specs they gave me. P