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Bimini add-ons

Started by RandyOnR3, August 29, 2011, 12:49:28 am

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  as we all know, the price point is pretty much set for how much you can charge for a dodger or bimini these days, so I've looked for ways to make a few extra bucks out of what we are already doing..........................
  What started out as a request from a fellow sailboater has gained a popular add-on in our shop...........
   What I'm doing is adding pockets to the inside of the bimini , in the sides or in the top of the dodger tword the sides..... Map pockets, GPS pockets, built in..
   I've installed flaps inside the overhead of the bimini to shove a chart into..
put pockets inside the side of a dodger to hold a GPS..
   On one recently I installed a tube from the front bow to the rear bow, bent a little at both ends to clear the center.. then installed a zippered pouch for the captain to keep his goodies in..
   you'd be surprised, a few extra dollars for a pocket for the guy to put his cigars in can go a long way...  I've turned a 2000 dollar dodger and bimini into 2500 easily buy just adding options.. and the best part.......

  the extras are uasally made from the scrap of the project.............................