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July 14, 2020, 04:35:11 pm


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A fun distraction in the shop today....

Started by stitcher_guy, December 15, 2010, 06:21:29 am

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Saying good-bye is the hardest part of owning and loving a pet, Gene.  It leaves a real void and the house seems really quiet, doesn't it?


So sorry Gene.   I certainly do know how you feel, I'm still in mourning for my pet. 


Seeing that big shepherd you've got there Chris reminded of the family dog when I was a toddler in the early sixties, we lived in northern Queensland at place called Townsville on the coast, our dog was a German Shepherd girl, me and my brother were still being pushed around in a pram. My parents who didn't mind blowing the froth off a few and enjoyed the odd counter lunch at the local pub(public bar). Well since a public bar is not the sort of place that you take young kiddies they left us in our pram across the road in the park with the dog guarding us, she would not let even a close relative near us.
The dog we have now is Melanie a kelpie cross, she is the host dog for our business and is well suited to it I have never come across a dog that does not have a teritorial bone in her body. when I'm at the sewing machine she's always sidling up for a scratch, they just don't live long enough do they.     


My Sympathys gene and June to your losses   
I had to have mg pepper  put down a couple tears ago   Onw of the hardest thing I e ever done.
Oi did get mg Gigi. From a rescue shelter adferwArds   


Sorry to hear your loss Gene. The dog in my avatar passed two years ago. I like to believe when I pass through the pearly gates all my dogs will come running, tongues out and tails waging.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Kody., your post reminded me of a funny story from my husband.  He takes our small engine repairs to a talented local mechanic who also happens to be pretty big into Jesus and trying to add "a few more to the flock".  We're not into that sort of thing, but if he wants to proselytize we're willing to be polite and listen. 

Anyway, one day he was into it pretty heavy reminding the husband that only those who are true believers will go to heaven.  The husband turned to him and asked if animals go to heaven, too.  "Oh no", he was assured, "animals don't have souls, you know.".  The husband turned to him and said, "then I don't think I want to go to heaven.  I don't want to spend eternity in a place where there are no animals.". 

We still take the small engine repairs there but he no longer proselytizes to the husband.   (We're hopin' for a warm greeting, too. )


Good one bobbin. I agree with your husband. If heaven is filled with every thing good surely there must be dogs.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.


Thank you all for the kind comments. The house certainly feels different.

I wonder how cold Michael Vick's heart must be to find entertainment in dogs suffering.

I just saw, again, the Subject of this thread: A fun distraction in the shop today.... Wow can we get off topic sometimes!

Hey bobbin, there was an English author named C. S. Lewis. He wrote "The Chronicles of Narnia", among a lot of other things. He believed that every living thing had an eternal soul. All animals would be in heaven. A person asked him if even mosquitoes had eternal souls and would they go to heaven. He said, "Why can't mosquitoes 'heaven' be a part of man's 'hell'?"



We were just gone all day to inlaws for an early Christmas. When we got home, it was all Tucker could do to not slobber us to death. He was fine, but boy was he missing us. I spent time in the garage with him just tussling him and playing with him. He likes to know where is people are.

My wife was mad at him on Saturday. I was gone with the kids, and she heard him barking and growling and carrying on about 3 in the afternoon (she works nights, and was asleep). Got up, afraid someone was on the property and trying to get in. She opened the door to the garage, and there was Tucker on his doghouse barking at the cat, who was laying IN his doghouse snoozing. I basically have 65 pounds of stupid there, who won't get in his house, and prefers to shake and shiver laying on his blankets in the middle of the floor. But he also doesn't want Hamlet the cat to enjoy the warmth. Such a pup.

It's nice to know that our pets make up such a large part of our businesses, and nice that we're able to include them in the day to day.
Sew what???