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Ever cover a Motorcycle Seat with Leather?

Started by NDAV8R, April 12, 2011, 02:52:06 am

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April 12, 2011, 02:52:06 am Last Edit: April 12, 2011, 03:00:35 am by NDAV8R
Hey there gang:
 I am faced with a job of recovering a Honda GoldWing (King/Qween) seat. It had vinyl with a sheet of plastic underneath it from the factory. And most of the insert seams were heat bonded together. The owner diffenitely wants black leather in it's place.
  Have any of you covered motorcycle seats with top grain leather(I assume the best type of leather)?  It is possible to replace the insert seams with a few recessed buttons like some Harley seats I have seen. Any Ideas???  What can I use to treat for an occational rain shower... Seam Sealer and under plastic? I have searched some of the old posts, but still need some input.

Any ideas?

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I usually just stitch them up with a small as possible gauge leather needle on the machine. the needle holes seal up pretty tight and I will put slick film on the foam, but that's more for ease of installing the cover. I'm modifying a fairly expensive Mustang seat right now for a Harley that is leather from the factory and they took no special precautions with it. I don't know what kind of "shape" your seat has, but a lot of guys want me to carve them out to more of a bucket shape that supports them better. personally I like to do seats with as few seams as possible just for a clean look and will glue the cover down on the foam too just so the cover takes the shape good. Of course then you can't really use the slick film.