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Italian love seat and sofa

Started by kodydog, April 17, 2011, 04:35:25 pm

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Here's one for ya. The customer said, 10 years ago, she paid $800 for this leather sofa and love seat. I always try to be upfront when dealing with customers, I feel it's part of my job to tell them when somethings not worth reupholstering. And I really didn't want the job any way. So I told her she could probably buy new cheaper than I could reupholster the pieces. She said they were made in Italy and felt she got a good deal 10 years ago. My opinion; Italians make good shoes and hand bags but not always good furniture.

Can't say I ever saw a cushion like this before.
The sofa is a hide-a-bed. The bed sat to low in the frame. Instead of fixing this problem they made the cushion to fit. Notice the rubber webbing on the back, the love seat had this on the seat also. The frame is mostly made of plywood and particle board

The backs and arms were all sewn together and assembled as one piece. An upholsterers nightmare.

I was glad to get this one done. When we gave the estimate she was all ready to buy the fabric from me. Two weeks later she calls and says she bought her fabric (pink vinyl) and was ready to go.

When we delivered them she was so happy she gave us a $20 tip.
Her only complaint; One week later she calls and says when she sits on it with her silk house coat it clings to her. Sorry.
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It's funny that she thought it was a quality sofa worth re-covering, and then selected vinyl. Now it's probably worth less than it was when it was new.
I see you have a Leon's Fabrics sample book hanging on your wall. How do you like them? I've had pretty good luck with them. Their prices are generally better than Greenhouse, and they have a nice selection.
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I agree with all you said. Leon's is our first choice when selling fabric. Good prices, good selection.
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You can't turn a "sow's ear into a silk purse", but those are two of the homeliest pieces of furniture I've seen in a long time. 

Which is in NO WAY a comment on your workmanship, Kody..  Oh, and genuine silk doesn't generally pick up a lot of static electricity...


 :) lol. I guess I should have said silk like. You should see the piece I'm doing now. Someone really butchered this poor chair. Not even good enough for the Junk Room.
There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.<br />http://northfloridachair.com/index.html

west coast

Looks like Natuzzi, fixed tons of them


can`t git jobs like that  the time  it takes  can`t git enough  $$$$ to do it  . can make more picking up  can on the street .
just recovering 40 years