Working with the EZE 8" Foam Cutter.

EZE Foam Cutter - Since 1999

EZE Foam Cutter - Since 1999

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Product Description

This economy polyfoam saw, foam cutter is great for the small or one person upholstery shop that only cuts 10-15 cushions a week.(get the Acucutter if you cut more)
Cuts up to 7 1/2" thick foam. 2.2 amp motor. 110 volt (240v available), single blade.
Light-weight for easy handling. Cuts sharp turns with ease. Makes a clean cut without little pieces of foam to clean up. Foot plate rolls on your cutting table. Removable foot.
90 day warranty
Pays for itself in time saved. Not for styrofoam.
Note: If you are a manufacturer or a large shop that cuts a lot of foam product you may need the higher end Acucutter.
(out of North America? You'll need our 220-240 volt model.)